Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think that your genetic information should be kept confidential between you and whomever you wish to disclose it to... similar to the conversations held between friends, personal psychologists, or lawyers. I would like to know about my own DNA just like I'd like to know if I had cancer or was HIV positive.You should never have to mandatorily present it at any time unless you are a suspect for a crime. Just like family history, religion, and skin colour, your DNA should not be a factor during a job interview; but if telling your doctor about it could save your life... well, who wouldn't want to share?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vancouver Week Three: "last but not least"

Given that DNA can be used to predict the likelihood of getting certain diseases, should anybody be entitled to have access to your genetic data? For example life insurance companies already ask health questions and perform blood tests to determine your insurability and would probably find your genetic information very useful. As a further example, your physician maybe able to provide you with better treatment if he or she was able to determine your predispositions for genetic diseases. Would YOU want to know? Share your thoughts.