Thursday, July 06, 2006


MY BABY MUNTANT E-COLI SURVIVED! I mean who would have thought it. yesterday (wednesday) we moved our little E-coli into other containers chalked full of LB Agar solution (some really smelly discusting gel like substance that the E-coli like to eat...eew), but at the same time it was also chalked full of anti-biotics. We made it so the GM (Genetically Modified) E-coli bacteria were imune to ampicillin by putting a specific gene in with th pGLO gene (the one that makes 'em glow under UV light)this gene was called the Bla gene. It made the e-coli release enzymes that cut up the ampicillin effectivly destoying it so the E-coli were able to live in such an environment. And today after lunch we made them GLOW! It was very fun.

To test or not to test...that is the question!

When/If you are having a baby, would you want to perform PIGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)? Would you do it only to test for genetic diseases or also to select for certain traits? Share your thoughts.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Just an update on the petri dishes. On Tuesday, we let them be, and let them multiply as bacteria tend to do. But today, after finishing with all the media things, we worked more on them. To put it simply, we transferred the jellyfish (not squid) gene and the bacteria into some more petri dishes, and we can only hope now that the bacteria will decide to take the gene into themselves. To accomplish this, we had to use a heatshock method (basically involved rapidly cooling and heating the bacteria) along with a large dosage of calcium. Well, that's all for now, guess everybody will see how they did tomorrow. Sigh, now if only I could remember how to make the text glow through html...

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Monday, July 03, 2006

!It's Working!

Well here I am at 11 at night (well almost 11) after my first day of BioTrek which was absolutely amazing, much better than anything I could have hoped for. The DNA purifying lab was fun... I hope my little beaker dries out by tomorrow assuming I (By I, I mean Melissa) put enough glue on it because sadly I couldn't manage to get any on it myself *crys*.
I hope my little E-coli are happy in their little petri dish homes and are multiplying happily, well I'll find out if I accidently killed them tomorrow. Then I get to make them little mutants sometime within the next four days assuming in the former comment that they're still alive (chances of this are sadly slim). Well I just came onto the blog to make sure it worked which by the fact that I'm writing this I assume that it is. G'night everyone.


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