Monday, July 03, 2006

!It's Working!

Well here I am at 11 at night (well almost 11) after my first day of BioTrek which was absolutely amazing, much better than anything I could have hoped for. The DNA purifying lab was fun... I hope my little beaker dries out by tomorrow assuming I (By I, I mean Melissa) put enough glue on it because sadly I couldn't manage to get any on it myself *crys*.
I hope my little E-coli are happy in their little petri dish homes and are multiplying happily, well I'll find out if I accidently killed them tomorrow. Then I get to make them little mutants sometime within the next four days assuming in the former comment that they're still alive (chances of this are sadly slim). Well I just came onto the blog to make sure it worked which by the fact that I'm writing this I assume that it is. G'night everyone.

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